is a flexible geographic data collection tool for professionals. All data can be licensed as either open or closed data.

Spatial Surveys

Most surveying tools are not suited for "spatial" problems: they do not focus on the location. When put a map at the center of your data gathering activity a new class location focused surveys can be undertaken.


Bringing the focus on the location enables you to do many interesting things, below are some of the questions that you can ask using this type of location-focused survey.

Public Administration

  • Asset Analysis (e.g. a survey of drainages or fire hydrant health)
  • Manhole inspection & inventory

Built Environment

  • What are all the activities across different buildings?
  • Which areas are off limits at a certain time on campus?


  • What is the most scenic walking trail?
  • Identify buildings has the most historical significance & why?

Natural Systems

  • Identify trees that at risk or erosion risk areas.
  • Indentify the location of invasive species in the area

Transportation and Mobility

  • What is your favorite bicycle route?
  • Tell us the best location for a new bus stop?

Parks and Venues

  • What are all the events this week? (e.g. photography, filming etc.)
  • Which areas are off limits at a certain time on campus?



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